Good gin, good vibes. 35 and feelin alive. 

What. A. Birthday.  After throwing down about six hundred bones on the car getting fixed (Svetlana is feeling much better now thank you Fayetteville Volvo you guys are rockstars and saved me a ton see link below) im enjoying one of my favorite summer drinks, Bombay and tonic. Since I have the day off I’ve been reflecting on the close of one chapter and the beginning of another. 

Spring semester came to a close, solid B finish but a learning experience none the less.  Picked up a new job this month with a corporate chain that has drastically improved my “line dance”, speed and timing. My mentors chef Deb and chef John Oliver (the Little Chef and funky fresh food truck see links below for booking!) are taking off and being recognized statewide for their culinary creations im proud to tag along with. Also new contacts being made through my mentors, hard work and passion are paying off. 

You see, chasing a dream doesn’t happen overnight through one viral video or some talent show. It takes grit. John Wayne, back breaking, grind hard stay humble kinda grit. If I were to let’s say go on a show, my first semester, get famous and not know the struggles, how would I DARE call myself a chef. 

Real chefs grind. They burn both ends just to break even, I am fortunate to work for and know chefs that have put their heart and soul into what they do and it has imprinted on me like a hot branding iron. These are the days you never forget. The turn and burn days, the 15 hour days, the chaos in the 11th hour. 

Some who know me would say I’ve had a tough road. Some would say I deserved it lol. Regardless of my struggles I cherish them. Adversity is gasoline for greatness. It’s what fuels the fire. Say I can’t, I dare you. 

This journey so far in my budding culinary career has been a beautiful burden, a serene struggle, and a labor of true love.  Stay tuned, this blog won’t be the only place you see my name. 

The Little Chef food truck
Funky fresh food truck
Fayetteville Volvo


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