Shake the hand that feeds you. North Carolina State Farmer’s Market.


On average Americans spend four thousand dollars a year on groceries. We coupon, we look for cheap food to feed our families on meager budgets. We are the same Americans who are obsessed with clean eating and fitness and anti-GMO, gluten, ect ect.  The U.S spent on average around $10,000 a year on healthcare.  So, what’s the point of saving 34 cents a pound when processed preservative packed foods are sending us right to the doctor where we complain about costing an arm and a leg? Makes absolutely NO sense.  We’ll shell out hundreds of dollars on a new phone, but gripe that farmers markets are too expensive.

Our culinary II class took a field trip to North Carolina’s state farmer’s market, or as I like to call it “paradise”.  Vendors bustling about excited to show the locals the pride of their labor. Some even still had dirt on their hands and jeans from picking the produce that very morning.  It’s not like a grocery store where you buy it in hope it is a quality fresh ingredient, they actually encourage you to try it.   As a future culinarian, I thought sure I knew my allums and my produce. I was wrong. How many of you can say you have ever seen the tops of radishes, or purple asparagus? )                       IMG_0515

Tired of the same old recipes and dinners? Take a stroll through the herb garden section and not just amazed, but inspired. The tuscan Blue rosemary that smells of rosemary and mint, pineapple sage, chocolate mint, thai basil, and orange sage.

Instead of complaining about the extra little bit farmer’s markets cost, and complain about why big food has hidden gems like spring onions and sugar snap peas from us.  Sure, there’s “fresh” markets but when you spend money there you’re buying a CEO in Chicago a second home in montego bay.  When you buy from a farmer’s market, you can help put money back into you’re own community that buys your child’s baseball team a new field. You spend money at a local market, you can literally shake the hand that feeds you.

Bone Appetit!




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  1. abngourmet says:

    John – Excellent!

    Chef Alan


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