Happy on tap! The Wine Cafe!

It’s wine Wednesday! It was a beautiful day to work on using a real camera instead of my phone. I figure to blog with the best, I had outgrown my cell phone and “structure” filter ( don’t lie you know it’s your favorite.).  While on my adventure snapping pictures fumbling through Fstops, learning about light, I was a bit parched. Since it was past coffee time, I saw this amazing little wine cafe and just had to stop in.

Fayetteville, NC is known of course for Fort Bragg, home of the airborne and special operations units. It is a bustling busy city that seems to never slow down.  Well, this little gem downtown on Hay street, hits the slow motion button.

I walked in and of course greeted immediately with a beaming smile and a HELLO!! My eyes widened like a kid just walking into the toy aisle with all the button pushing toys.  I say that since there was literally a button pushing aisle…….of WINE.  The sommelier was so sweet and took me through all the wine styles, where their from, even though what I know about wines you could fit in a cork.

So, if you need a constant feed of wine perhaps reading a classic book from the vintage book store next door, or catching up with friends with the beautiful view of downtown Fayetteville, either way The Wine Cafe can whisk you away to an oasis away from the daily grind. Want to know more about wine? They have wine classes!! This is definitely one of my top picks for local hot spots to relax in “the ville”.



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