Purge Week Day Seven: Grande Finale

FullSizeRender (20)Every great show has it’s grande finale. Every play has it’s final bow. This week if you have not been following has been a very enlightening experience.  Removing things commonly used as crutches, I have been forced to seek other vices in which to deal with the turmoil of a foodie without fries, a lush with limits, and it was similar to the black and white wizard of Oz door opening to a whole new world of living.  As a matter of fact, right now, I am writing to Gianni Schicci’s “O, mio babbino caro”.  Yes, the once greaser mechanic musician is listening to opera.

Day one, was like a spring rabbit bouncing about in naive excitement oblivious of trials to come. Somewhat dramatic reference to a mere week of purging, but you get the point.  Feeling young, spry, and rejuvenated from the thought of waking up without a headache from my toxic love affair with fermented grapes.  Reading Hemmingway and feeling like a 21st century renaissance man was a buzz I was unfamiliar with.

As the week went along I began to notice a change. Not exactly like I suddenly sprouted a six pack and Dali Llama-esque wisdom, but more so that I was more introspective. I wasn’t distracted by eating my feelings or drifting away from myself in a bottle of my favorite bourbon.  Instead of coping with after shift adrenaline with gourmand tendencies, I embraced a more mental feeding and to my surprise it was quite relaxing, not to mention cheaper.

For those who are bored by mental clarity and soulful insight, my pocketbook was even happy with me.  If you figure a bottle of wine a day, thats roughly $10-$12 a day times seven days equals about $80 that were freed up. Leaving the bottle on the shelf longer, helped pay for a lovely day out adventuring downtown once I finally got a day off.  Who doesn’t like more money?

My work performance has seen the most improvement. My mental mise en place is more exact, focused, and rejuvenated.  I look forward to work because I am more prepared, recharged and ready for the grueling culinary test ahead.

Saying that if you try my purge week you will suddenly become one with nature and float around on a cloud of happiness is like saying eating wheaties will make you run faster.  However, practicing a bit in the Tao, seeking self enlightenment rather than social media approval, will help you grow not only as a chef, but a human being.  The food you cook is a reflection of the chef who prepares it.  Soul searching of your own will certainly bring that wide eyed sense of gypsy wonder to your guests.  They will see the passion in your plating from using patterns you saw on a nature walk in presentation, they will be exposed to the story of your passion.

The word restaurant comes from the French word “to restore” and rightly so. Food should not only restore the body, it’s experience should restore the soul in an often dark, murky world of despair.

Seek your own restorer. Seek your “restaurant” and your cooking will follow suit.

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