Purge week Day Six: Make a run for it.

As the weekend closes and Easter is upon us, my purge week is nearing an end. Aside from a few slips here and there due to the fact that I am human, it has been quite successful so far.  The less I spend distracting myself with being a social butterfly the more I realize a dreamer’s life is often a solitary one.  I started to realize that I haven’t been truly enjoying life, but enjoying life in my own familiar little comfort bubble.  I’ve spent this week reflecting on things with a clear mind and noticed something.

I have so much support where I live since this is where I’ve called home for over a decade and know so many wonderful supportive people cheering me on.  Most of us get sucked into is the illusion that we’re happy, when really, we live groundhog day and we are content with it.  Same food, same gym, same people, same bars, the list goes on.

Ancient humans were nomads. They wandered to new lands in search of food, shelter, following the migrations of their prey.  They explored to survive.  In doing so, they discovered beautiful new landscapes, things that they did not think were possible.

Basically what I’m saying is, how is it we presume something is impossible, if we do not explore outside of what we already know?  I understand circumstances limit such adventures such as work, school, children, family, but when given the chance……RUN. Have you ever had a pet that every time the door opened BANG! there they go darting out?  Why aren’t we like that? When given the slightest opportunity we run out the door to go exploring.  Instead, we consider it relaxing to glue our eyeballs to youtube or netflix binging (GUILTY as charged).  How is it we have the technology to reach mars, yet leaving our comfort zone of home field advantage is just too much to bear.

This week has been an enlightening one, lots of questions, not many answers. Physically I’m improving and feeling much better about my new found clarity, but also almost a little bummed that while chasing a dream I never considered migrating to new lands.  I have lived in the same place doing the same thing for TEN YEARS.  For some that’s fine and I applaud you, but my soul craves change. It craves that trembling of the unknown.  Because that’s what makes you feel alive.  Get out there and shake it up! I may make some changes to shake things up a bit myself.

Bon Appetit!



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