Purge Week: Day Five Seeing Results

So, after a bout with some wine cravings and missing fried anything, I had my first day of work on the purge. My mind was more clear, my body didn’t get as sore as quickly, and I was more fluid in my movements. I could concentrate, focus, and my ticket average time dropped by about 2 minutes.  Doesn’t sound like much but trust me that’s a lot.  I was faster, and most importantly, my food was better.  I had enough time due to my mental mise en place my plates were prettier, I was one step ahead the whole shift. I encourage anyone in any career field to try this regiment.  You won’t regret it.

Cutting out alcohol led me to drink more tea and water which made me more hydrated.  Eating proteins and veggies helped my brain fire off those signals quicker and made me more efficient. The Tai Chi and morning walks made me more flexible and my muscles fatigued less for longer.  The benefits of light exercise, clean eating and meditation were mind blowing.  Even the rest of the line noticed. Those looks down the line of “who the hell are you rookie?” I stepped up my game and it’s no thanks to a miracle drug or pill.

Scoff at naturalists or holistic ways of healthy living but I’m walking talking proof it works.  I’m not saying run out and buy a zen garden and drink matcha all day (Unless it’s boba tea then I approve that stuff is delicious)  I have just proved that there’s other options to healthy living than the chemically induced results of today’s fitness fad of magic pills and spending 5 hours a day in the gym.  I have not stepped foot in a gym all week.  There is so much of the world to see, why spend it locked up in a gym? If you truly love the gym, awesome! Just take a break once in a while to breath some fresh air and go hiking, biking, or even just sit and reflect on a beach or lake somewhere. Besides you’ll get a break from the “selfie station” folks at the gym mirror and that old socks smell.

Day 5 was an eye opening experience I implore anyone to try whether you’re a salesman, or a paper pusher. Actually more so if you’re a paper pusher since it’s seditary lifestyle can wreck your physical and mental health sitting down staring at a screen all day.  The world is beautiful, Enjoy it as long as you can!




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