Purge week: Day Three. Nutrition vs. Supplements.

So, on day three of purge week, cutting out booze, fatty foods, doing some light exercise, I’ve already noticed a big difference.  I have more energy,  I sleep better, and let’s just say I even look a little better with my Chef’s coat off.  My fitness buds ask so what preworkout? What thermo? Have you tried this supplement or that? They’re reaction is priceless. So I ask them why shouldn’t I eat GMO foods? They can rant for hours, then I ask them “what’s in that proprietary blend in your pre-workout?” For most, Silence.

At the beginning of most fitness fanatics regiment, they take what’s called a “pre-workout”. Have you ever wondered why the FDA won’t ever stand behind any nutritional supplement? After some reading, it was staggering that many pre-workout manufacturers slip through the cracks with a grab bag of “proprietary blends” that the consumer is lured away from inquiring about with a grape thin skinned ripped handsome fellow or some ferocious animal.  How short term, low dosage use of pre-workouts is fine I’m sure; High dosage due to higher tolerance, has been linked to liver and kidney damage and long term blood pressure symptoms.  These supplements have tons of caffeine, creatine, vitamin B12, which when taken they act together and open blood vessels, upping the heart rate, giving the user a rush of oxygen to the brain and a euphoric state of energy and the “niacin flush” of tingly skin.  I’m not denying the fact that many of these help users last longer in the gym, however, be wary of what you’re putting in your body. Many modern bodybuilders dropping dead in their 40s due to organ failure from years of unknown dietary supplements, HGH, insulin spikes, and getting sucked into the latest greatest “fad” power powder.  Instead, why not try a few shots of espresso from your local coffee vendor and help stimulate the local economy while saving your kidneys and liver?

The other fad thats been around for a long time but recently boomed into science fiction level claims, the Thermogenic.  Pop a pill, feel your skin on fire, lose ten pounds of water weight in a week. Thermos and diuretics are ways fitness folks and pre- marital 5 pounds loss gets a little extra edge before beach season or competition. Who KNOWS what’s in these little miracle drugs since the FDA has not fully investigated what exactly is in these supplements.  Alternative? Asian peppers. These little devils are PACKED with flavor and will definitely raise your core temperature a bit to help you shed that spare tire.

I am not discrediting anyone who uses supplements, I am not a physician nor am I a fitness expert by any means. I am however, a culinarian and a big supporter of local farmers and naturally grown foods. We as a society will exhaust research on what Monsanto’s doing to our crops, buying more whole wheat, gluten free, fat free, transfat free, but will dump thousands of dollars a year of unknown chemicals into our bodies in the sake of performance gains.

The economic benefits of sourcing your nutritional needs from farmers markets is a “plus one” of eating clean natural foods rich in protein, carbohydrates, iron, creatine, B12, thermogenic properties.  Supporting these supplement companies buys them a second home in montego and Dubai, not the family who’s kid plays baseball with yours. It’s long overdue that the “Farm to Fit” movement take hold and we start investing in the agriculture, not chemicals.

Yeah sure you won’t get that back or those legs in 6 months eating baked oysters, but at least you’ll live long and happily enough to enjoy the body you finally earn.  Those old Kung Fu masters who live to 80 with a six pack eat a diet of rice, fish, veggies and exercise their minds as much as their bodies.  I think they may be onto something.  Stay tuned for more of my purge week and how it’s effecting my day to day life in the kitchen! Don’t worry, I’m coming up with some fantastic recipes that will surely “spice” up your meal prep!

Eat Clean, Eat local!




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