7 day purge: day 1, the idea. 

As kitchen work stereotypes go, I love my post shift beers. And bourbon. And late night bar food because we get off at 1am and we cooked food all day but we’re starving. It has needless to say taken it’s toll since my last profession mechanic/sales it’s been years of body abuse. Hours and hours on your feet, bending over 300 times a night, lugging things from the walk-in, and oh yeah the stress levels keeping your heart rate around a brisk jog for 7 hours at a time. 

I have decided as a cook it’s our responsibility to keep our minds, bodies as well as our knives sharp. So, this week I decided I’m going to do something about it. I’m going on a detox light excersise regiment to see how eating right, cutting out post shift drinks, and just a simple walk and some push ups can do for my kitchen performance. 

7 days. No beer, no bourbon, no fatty greasy food. Easy right? As any chef or line dog knows this isn’t exactly par for our course and it’s probably going to be a rough week! 

So today on the menu (after my coffee of course) is oatmeal and two fried eggs after a walk in this beautiful weather. I even thought about the benefits of yoga considering it’s help with joints, muscles and flexibility. 

I’m on a very limited budget, no supplements, no crazy crossfit, no gimmicks. I am placing my trust in natures bounty and eating just fresh fruits and veggies, clean proteins, and a reduced starch intake. 

As chefs we work grueling hours, on our feet sometimes 14 hours. We owe it to our families, children, spouses, to assure were around to cook family breakfast for many years to come. Put down the beer chef and join me!!! Let’s see what happens in just one week!! 

Bon appétit! 


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