Sandwich week in Garde Manger, and to be honest I laughed a little at a grilled cheese.  Anyone can make a grilled cheese right? Even the greats are caught off guard by their arrogance. So after not paying attention to what I was doing I made a second go around.  My partner made a delicious double decker swiss, american, turkey, pico de gallo grilled cheese that was pretty darn good.

We also played around in the cold sandwiches with the southwest turkey wrap and the classic club.  The Turkey wrap came out really well and my wrapping skills weren’t too bad. The chipotle mayo really kicked off the sandwiches pico de gallo.  I threw a little relish in the mayo to help offset the chipotle’s heat. Was a really fresh light sandwich with the avacado adding a nice healthy touch. The club well, it’s a classic, need I say more? Salt and pepper the tomatoes and put that bad boy together and serve. Classics never go out of style.

The open faced sandwich tuna melt was actually my first time ever making an open faced sandwich.  Neither my partner or I are big tuna fans so how did we fix the salad to our liking? Bacon of course. Everything is better with bacon.  Open face sandwiches are really interesting because for presentation you can’t hide sloppy cuts or miscolored dressings.

Sandwich week was a delicious learning experience I’ll always keep in mind even the greats can screw up a grilled cheese if your nose is too far in the air to watch the pan.


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  1. I am glad you learned a life lesson over a grilled cheese sandwich.


    1. You never know where you’ll learn those little lessons!


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