Second Chances. It’s never too late.

Watching “The Last Samurai”, I was reflecting on what transpired this weekend.  The old samurai asked, “You think man can change his destiny?” Tom Cruise replied, “A man does what he can until his destiny is revealed.”  Words that struck a little close to home. This weekend, I had a court date that put me literally toe to toe with the image of county jail pajamas and shackles.  Many things ran through my mind, mainly my daughter. What would she think, what will this mean for my culinary career, and what will the future hold in general.

You see, my choice to make the leap of faith into the great unknown, was to say the least; bold.  I gave up security, a normality known by most as “doing what it takes to survive.”  I sat in that courtroom, outwardly confident in a nice suit, deep down I knew I could lose it all. My jobs, school, and most importantly an even longer disconnect with my own child I was desperately seeking to rekindle even though most would say it’s too late.  I have found, it’s never too late.

I received a new lease on freedom after that day, and made a B line straight to a sleepy little town with nothing but a chick-fil-a and the most beautiful thing that has graced this earth since sunlight; my daughter.  Is it too late for my dream? maybe.  Is it too late for my daughter and I? Hope not. We must not be concerned on what we think is too late. We aren’t the keepers of time nor are we fortunetellers.

I am a great guitar player, a fairly proficient cook, a good student, dabble in leatherwork, a blogger but a good dad hasn’t been one of my accolades. I will say though that I believe that it’s never too late to do what needs to be done. Whether it be chase your dream, reconnect with your children, or even paint those pesky shutters.  Time is fleeting and procrastination is a demon we must all deal with in some way shape or form. Will your child ever lovingly embrace you calling you papa? Maybe not, but it’s our job as fathers, as men, to assure that we’re always there if they do, and to show them that it’s ok to chase your dreams. It’s ok to take a second chance.

You may only get one shot at life, but never give up on matters of the heart. No crime is unforgivable, except refusing to face your demons. That is a destiny of despair and sorrow no man should face.  Never give up on your dream, never think it’s too late, and NEVER keep trying.  A river flows the same way for hundreds of years until catalyst changes the banks in which it finds it’s direction.   James Out.


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