Stuffed prawns and crabcakes.

This week was pretty promising with a menu of crab cake stuffed prawns wrapped in prosciutto.  Also, crab cakes and a lemon buerre blanc.  We learned a lot more in depth about how fish and shellfish are molecularly structured and how cooking methods differ for fish.  It’s a delicate tender meat so much care should be taken to not overcook and make a rubbery chew toy of a dish.

I also thought I knew how to devein a shrimp but I was cutting from the wrong side this whole time! We learned when to leave the tail on, and also when to remove it. Pastas, scampi, tail should go. For a presentation where they will be standing like a dish or cocktail, leave it be.

After butterflying and prepping the shrimp we stuffed them and rolled them in prosciutto and skewered them with two skewers. Why? Ever tried flipping shrimp on a grill and they just spin? That’s why. No idea why I had never thought of that before.  so much frustration could have been avoided.

The crab cakes were formed, and chilled.  Now, normally I have deep fried them and finished them in the oven.  We tried a different method since this was precooked crab meat, we used the flattop. The pros are you could cook way more at one time, however; the drawback was the overall texture was a bit lacking in my opinion. I prefer a all around crisp and a tender inside that deep frying provides. Then again, I’ve found no matter what you think, just say “yes chef” and move out.

I am from the as far from the ocean as possible state of Kentucky, so I am no expert on fish and shellfish, but I did really enjoy the shrimp. I mean you can’t really go wrong with any form of bacon.  Bon appetit!


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