Romance brewing at Waterline Brewery with The Little Chef shooting cupid’s culinary arrow.

It’s always a pleasure to work with my mentor gaining culinary experience, but no event gets my hairs on end like working in the growing food scene of Wilmington, North Carolina.  From the riverwalk to Front st. it’s almost like disneyworld, you can’t take it all in visiting for the afternoon or even the day.  So, being the adventurer I am I went early Friday evening to soak up what I could of one of my favorite cities on the east coast.  New modern breweries and restaurants bustling next door to the 18th century historic buildings allows you to watch an ambitious child, being looked after by its weathered wise guardian.

This Valentine’s day, Waterline Brewery (see links below) teamed up with The Little Chef Food truck for a beer/wine pairing that shook the foundations of your traditional “dinner and chocolates” February drudgery.  What better way to show your significant other that you care than craft beer and food cooked with what the day was all about, LOVE.

The first course a simple but bright tri-green salad, fresh cut strawberries, rich goat cheese, and a homemade citrus vinegarette.  A palette cleansing aromatic collection that gives a sense of new, exciting, and playful mix like a blooming romance. After the salads the soup; came a rich creamy butternut squash soup, dollop of nutmeg/cinnamon whipped cream and floating aloft the cream a sauteed sage leaf.

The main course was so savory, so umami, that it deserved it’s own paragraph. This was the marquis dish, the Led Zeppelin headliner, the pork loin.  Roasted so exact you could literally wring it out as juicy as it was. Resting upon a bed of sweet potato mix and au jus, drizzled with a beautiful citrus glace.  The Little Chef seems to raise the bar yet again only to take you on the final journey of dessert. Just when you think your tastebuds need a standing 8 count, you’re walloped with deconstructed cheesecake, the lightest of which I’ve ever tasted. Ghirardelli ganache zigs and zags across the plate with a homemade caramel sauce painted elegantly to make you wonder if this art form is truly from a food truck.

Virginia Woolf said “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” A statement that rang all too true and after Waterline brewery and The Little Chef’s romantic dining experience, the guests were sure to be exemplary at all three that evening that’s for certain.

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