We have the meats.

In garde manger this week or the “cold kitchen” we’re working on proteins in the cold kitchen particularly beef.  Now when you think of a deli plate you think of rolled cold cuts of pastrami, salami, ham, ya know the usual. We of course would not be outdone and fabricated a whole tenderloin. I know, crazy right? moving on. Theres a few things you have to know about serving deli plates for any gathering.

When it comes to proteins you start getting concerned with temperature and time as the meats are concerned. If serving sushi, make sure it’s sushi grade fish unless you want to pay your party’s hospital bill. Make sure your timing is right to not leave the platters out too long at room temperature.

When it comes to plating you want a nice lush greenery under it just like the animal was used to when it was alive, laying in grass. Also it adds color, and be sure to toss them in some oil and dry them off a bit so they have a nice sheen on them which makes them appealing to the eye and attracts guests to the platter.

Now the tomato rose, egg crowns however old school they may be; are classics that never go out of style. We did the tomato roses, crowned eggs and the meats all with a lovely bearnaise sauce that pairs well with meats, especially beef. We used spinach for the bedding but kale works best. Sometimes you gotta work with what you have and get creative.

So next time you want to have a deli platter, you don’t have to necessarily have to run down to your grocery store and spend $30 on an ugly plate of school lunch ham and dry roast beef, waiting 15 minutes in line behind the deli line customer ordering 13 lbs of pimento for her cats. Be creative! Be innovative! Wow your guests with these few easy tips!


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