A blog about how to blog. For my classmates. Tips to avoid a dull blog.

If you are reading this you have at least made it to wordpress site. Good Job! First thing you’re going to do is choose a “Blog title”.  Yes, MY SCHOOL BLOG sounds great and all but you are going to want to reach a more broad demographic.  Blogging is the way of the future in the fact that it gives future employers a real insight to the REAL you not just the paper cook on LinkedIn.  Choose something catchy, easy to remember, and professional. “Bob’s Food Porn” may not suit all venues. I chose ” Johnny’s Cook nook because one it shows my modesty to not use the word “chef”.  Two, its catchy and conveys a casual reading of food and the passion for said subject. You reach not only professional kitchens but foodies alike. Broadening your demographics is key. You want to reach as many types and walks of life as possible.

Got your name? Awesome.Change your mind? It’s cool I’ll wait…….  Now the instructional that you got for school works great and all, however PREVIEW YOUR PAGE. The menu setup that you made may not work with the theme you picked. When I click on a fellow bloggers page, I want to be greeted with A. An obvious visual of what this blog is about whether its food, or beard care.(which lets be honest what else is there)  B. Who are you? A nice picture and a quick bio about why I want to read your blog. “This is my blog for a grade” doesn’t really portray a page turner. Got me? Heard? sweet.

After you’ve set up your menus and made it pretty, if you want to really blow your numbers up link it to your facebook and instagram. On the left hand column theres a tab “sharing” where you can link it to your instagram and facebook. On a caviat, be mindful if they click on your instagram they want to see food or food life; not your risque side mirror photo at the gym with profanity hashtags. If you need to start a professional instagram then do so.  Also, learn to tag tag tag and hashtag the ^&*# out of your photos and blog posts. Google top trending food hashtags and use them.

Next topic, society today is ALL ABOUT QUICK VISUAL. They have the attention span of a fruit fly and you on average have about 3 seconds to catch their attention. So next time you post that picture, is it well lit? Not lit as in partying hard I mean good lighting. Is it colorful? I even google basic photography tips. There’s people who make good money taking pictures of food.

GRAMMAR. Yes we text in short hand. No we do not blog in shorthand. The reader should be able to see what you’re saying if you’re good enough you can punch them right in the feels. For example, I like to use metaphors. “I made this sauce and it was good.” vs ” Making this bechemel, I simmered as much as it did, bubbling with anticipation” A bit dramatic but you suck the reader in. Puns, comedy, the title and first line is CRUCIAL. In songwriting its called “the hook”. You need to come out guns blazing.

Hopefully these insights help our instructors not have to read pages of excruciating bland blogs. Who knows, maybe there’s a future food writer in the house? So, kick back with a vino, turn on some tunes and have fun with it. As in food, if you can’t have fun, what’s the point, might as well go sell vacuums.


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