Why 2016 was your own fault.

fontcandyGourmand is described as one who enjoys fine food and drink, often to excess.  Yes, everything in moderation and all but as the year wraps up, celebrity mourning compilation videos, superficial new years resolutions, and other sentimental year end traditions, I think were a conflicted bunch. Live like you’re gonna die tomorrow, but don’t eat that it causes cancer in Bangladesh.  Wait, I’m confused.

Every new year is like leaving a significant other, only remembered for being awful and see absolutely no faults in the next one and it’s of course to be glorious…..rewind to last years new years…..deja vu?  I guess hindsight indeed has 20/20.

There’s two things i like to do with wine; write and cook. ( Although it makes for a poor ink) Two creative hobbies of mine in which inhibitions can often hinder creative genius. Hemmingway was right. Write drunk edit sober. Should I put allspice in this lamb? bahhhhh why not. oh hey, that’s pretty good! Should I blog a cliche post about new beginnings and resolution with wine? WHY NOT?!  I see no reason to condemn someone for being a glutton of life. Life is a lot like those money hurricane booths. You get a very limited amount of time to grab as many valuables as you can. So, when people get in there they’re stuffing their shirt, throwing looking like a fool out the window to gain as much as humanly possible before the timer runs out. Instead of dollar bills in 30 seconds, why aren’t we cooking like this? or living in general?  Why does it take the end of something for us to panic about enjoying it? Regret is the ugliest of Christmas sweaters.

Enjoy that Cabernet at 2pm after vacuuming, try making homemade pasta, tell someone you love them, make a leap. Of any resolutions you make, make one none of us are guaranteed;  ACTUALLY LIVE. You’d be surprised how amazing the world is if you make it your own adventure.

So, before you jump on the 2016 hatewagon, and condemn it for how awful it was to you, ask yourself was it awful because the passing of time somehow ruined your life? or the passing of time of you not living ruined your life. Bon Appetit! Much love, and happy new year.




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