Culinary cooking final.

First off, i will be taking the hit on the lack of a photo because I was very focused on time management and nappe not a nice sauce shot.  If you walked into that kitchen this week you would probably think we’re all insane. The stress, the heat, needs more salt, less, keeping whipping, taste, nope not right. Minds and hands racing in a delicate ballet of chaos. We look frantic, miserable, pulling our hair out, to a certain extent we were. But deep down this is what we dream of. This chaotic nightmare is the dream.

It was a two day gauntlet of sauces and dishes that tested our metal and our mise en place.

Day one: béchamel, velouté, mise en place brown stock, and a French omelet. Day two , tomato, hollandaise, and mayonnaise. Lord knows hand whipping mayo and hollandaise has my arm and shoulder still sore.

At the end of the day, I had my imperfections, too salty, heavy on the vinegar, but for the most part I did medicorce at best. I learned from it though which is very important. Now I need to stop yakking on this blog and study for the written! Bon appétit!


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