Baking 160 finals. The baking soda/powder debacle

Well finals for baking was the cooking lab I was absolutely terrified about. I’m not a spectacular baker so obviously 3 hours to make 12 chocolate chip, 12 butter cookies, 16oz of Bavarian cream, and a 8″ génoise cake was intimidating.

The génoise, Bavarian cream, came out pretty good, the butter cookies had a bit too much spread but apparently my technique proved good, a recipe fumble from the textbook is assumed to be the culprit.

The chocolate chip cookies however were an absolute disaster. The recipe called for baking soda however baking powder was set out instead and I didn’t catch it and I had cookies so deflated they looked like Tom Brady got a hold of them. So, I made them again and all the convection ovens were being used so I used a regular and it wasn’t hot enough and they basically just melted in the oven and spread way too much too fast. However they still tasted good, oddly enough they were just the ugliest cookies ever.

Ill be taking a break from baking classes next semester but that’s ok, I need to work on my cookie method apparently anyways!


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