Moist heat cooking methods: poultry/fish/shellfish

Everyone loves the grill. However, moist cooking methods are a very underestimated second string cooking method that provides tenderness, flavor and something the grill can’t do, give a base for an amazing sauce to go over the dish. Everyone is well aware my “fond”ness of sauce work. Pun intended.

This week started with poultry/game, a poached chicken breast, with an earthy touch of tarragon complemented the creamy touch of the pan sauce.

Later this week was similar cooking methods for fish/shellfish. Now honestly, I was skeptical about orange/ginger combo on shrimp. Ginger is a very bitter root that can if used improperly almost burn your tongue off. However, the orange juice tamed this beast pleasantly and the cream took the edge off to create an almost palette cleansing shellfish that would be an amazing appetizer.

Poaching, simmering, steaming is def a cooking method I have put in my toolbox and love having that ace in the hole if a grill isn’t around or I have a delicate dish I don’t want to lose moisture from. Bon appétit!



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