Baking sauces aka walking on eggshells.



Well this week was baking sauces and creams. I have started to really enjoy baking until Bavarian cream and meringue reared their ugly decadent delicious heads.

Think tempering eggs for hollandaise is hard? Try Bavarian cream. You can go from lovely custard to scrambled eggs in a matter of seconds. Meringue? Over mix and it cries like a newborn, or add eggs that aren’t a day old fresh and you’re toast.

That being said I love a good challenge and will take these beasts on with reckless abandon and will eventually master them. I have come to have a great respect and revere for master pastry chefs and bakers. Culinary has a margin of error that’s a little more broad than if you add 1 teaspoon too much baking soda or whip 1 minute too long in a pastry cream.


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