Sous for a day: Fish and grains


This week was Fish, Grains, and pasta. Main focus on different fish cooking methods, rice/grain methods (pilaf, simmering, and risotto), and pasta. Today was a little different that today was my day to be the kitchen sous chef. I like that we are put in leadership roles since it prepares us for one day leading our own kitchen.

I didn’t do a lot of cooking since I was making a lot of tomato concasse, making sure the broiler, grill, fryer, all the equipment was up and running so the class ran as smoothly as possible.  Yes, culinary school is about learning techniques of cookery, but also how to operate in a live hot kitchen. So many moving parts a sous chef is the head chefs right hand man to assure recipes are being completed in a timely manner, as well as a sanitary manner.

Sometimes, leading isn’t about being a boss, but really it’s about working as a team to inspire. Having a dedicated sous for the day is a great way especially for the younger student with little managerial duties.  Fish and grains were the recipe but alot more was learned on how to run a kitchen and what it takes to make the machine work.





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