Unless you’ve lived under a rock your entire life, the smell of cookies baking, or the urge to lick the bowl, takes you back to fond childhood memories. This week however using proper techniques and ingredients I learned a lot about how to do cookies the right way (and learned some things NOT to do).

The first recipe was the brownies. First off, I learned so much about chocolate! Tempering, what happens if it gets too hot, it was really interesting to know why chocolate is treated the way it is. Even though the recipe was followed to the T, I will be honest this recipe was not a pleasant result. I thought maybe it was just our group but everyone’s turned out like chocolate drywall.  I was not a fan. I did learn some important fundamentals of brownie making though all in all it was a good experience.

Then came the mother of all disc shaped treats the chocolate chunk cookie. I’ve always wondered why my cookies at home were always so flat with too much “spread” and just very bleak dismal looking things. Patience in creaming, the right flour, the right sugar, how powdered sugar differs the spread than granulated sugar, and much more. This cookie is a basic favorite treat but not a technique you can shortcut or just toss together.

The last cookie was really interesting not so much for the technique since it was also a creaming method cookie as far as mixing, but it was a piped cookie. I have never used a pastry bag before and I gotta say it was a blast!  When eating those tins of Christmas cookies I always wondered how they got those neat shapes and designs.

So after making different types of cookies this week, and as we move further along in baking I’m finding that baking isn’t so bad after, the more I learn the more I love it!


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