Baking Midterm


Well to be honest I can’t believe that midterms came and went already. I was nervous about pretty much the whole thing; written, math and lab. The written I didn’t fair as well as I’d hoped but still not a total crash and burn. The math surprisingly I aced with a hundred, go figure! My lab I was pleased on how time efficient I was, my mixing techniques were very good, the finished product lacked presentation and some texture. Especially since I left my muffins in for a little too long and in hindsight I should have put the pecan garnish on halfway through baking or at the end. (lesson learned)

My french bread had good flavor, nice interior texture but the exterior texture had a nice crust on it, it lacked the smoothness of a traditional baguette. I will continue to practice this because it would be a nice dinner bread that is a better quality flavor, also cost efficient vs store bought ” artisan” bread.

My biscuits were mixed well, they could have had a little more rise but the inside was nice and fluffy but not too salty. Cutting the fat in by hand is definitely the way to go if possible in the biscuit method.

Using the muffin method, folding my ingredients in, making sure not to over mix. The flavoring was added at the end of the mixing which I learned is key to making very flavorful muffins. They were fluffy, not too dense but not much tunneling, and even though browned still maintained a nice flavor.

I’d say even though not perfect, I would call midterms a success and looking forward to learning new baking techniques!


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