Laminated goodies. Danishes and puff pastries.


So this week we did a basic Danish dough or “laminated” dough. Which was interesting because we didn’t knead or proof like yeast breads. The leavening agent was the steam it’s self. The fat was rolled or “folded” in. Understanding how puff pastry is made gave me a whole new respect for store bought convenience.

We made Danishes and it was also interesting how to make them look as pretty as well as tasting good. We got kind of let loose on the filling which was really exciting. So while most student chose cream cheese and apples I decided the cream cheese by itself would be a bit too sour so I incorporated some brown sugar and vanilla, blueberries to create a makeshift “cheesecake” filling that was an epic success.

Looking forward to making more pastries and confections as we go on!


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