Don’t hold the mayo. Mayo and Tatar sauce.

This week we took our sauces to the next dukes themed level. Mayonnaise and tartar sauce.

I had no idea you could even make your own mayonnaise, much less how good it tastes. It was def a learning experience that makes me appreciate one of Americas favorite condiments.

Starting from the eggs whipping them perfectly with tiny progression of oil so it doesn’t break. To the adding the flavor just right to perfect it. Not too much vinegar not too little. It was hard work but after turning it into tartar sauce it was well worth the garnish of a well fried fish.

I also got the great opputunity to set up a breading station and got to see how that whole process works! Added a little lemon juice to the egg wash to lighten up the fish without overpowering the flavor of the flounder worked out great. Also using Italian bread crumbs vs plain added a certain level of taste that there again didn’t over power the integrity of the fish.

Onward to soups! Great way to kick off this cool fall weather.




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