Sauce week!


Finally here we are on sauces. My favorite. There’s something that separates the cooks from the chefs in many areas but sauces in my opinion is one of the top.  Anyone can grill a steak, or dress a salad, but to make a classic mother sauce exactly how it was intended with the smooth texture, intense flavor, and proper color is a hallmark of a great chef.

The beginning of this week we took the brown and white stocks and started making two of the five mother sauces. Espagnole (brown sauce) and Veloute. Also we got a little into some small sauces from these mother sauces such as Hunter’s sauce and Ports ( A sauce with wine? I’m on board).

The base of a classical sauce is the roux. I had no idea there was a way to thicken a sauce other than the way mom used to thicken gravy with a cornstarch slurry. I love learning these classical ways of culinary arts. One, You may not always have cornstarch around, and need to improvise in a pinch. Two, there is a certain nostalgic feeling of making a roux just like the great chefs hundreds of years ago did for french royalty.

Sauces may be a accompaniment to a main entree, but to me sauces are like a harmony part in a quartet. The entree is the melody, but the sauce adds an undeniable alto of richness and flavor that makes the dish really sing.

Looking forward to more sauces!


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