“Let them eat brioche” Enriched Breads

I thought it was “Let them eat cake”? Well to most folks dismay, the actual phrase made famous by the royal Marie, actually was told “The people do not have bread or water” Which she replied “then let them eat brioche.” So out of touch with reality, she did not realize brioche was in fact bread that just had a higher fat and sugar content.

Learning about enriched breads this week although taught me they are in fact a yeast bread, similar steps to the baking process, but a much more rich, not so lean bread that is used for many pastries, buns, rolls, and of course, brioche.

In particular we made jumbo cinnamon rolls with a cream cheese frosting which for a savory particular guy I’m beginning to see the benefit of being able to bake beautiful delicious breads. Whats a cuban without a sweet bun for the meat to go on? There’s nothing like the feeling of watching all your work and patience becoming a perfectly golden brown deliciousness.

Looking forward to more baked goodness and learning more about the science of baking.


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