Mise en place. I’m exactly where I belong.


So before a cookbook is published, a movie made, or their own tv show; every chef starts at the exact same crossroads. The decision to follow the fire inside them to persue the dream of being a master chef. Some are quick to find and pursue this passion at a young age, some start late, the most deplorable kind however are ones who never start at all.

Like Julia child, I am a late bloomer. I’ve had a passion for the kitchen since I could remember.  After the army, I became a mechanic. It suited me, I was good at it and it paid the bills. Although it didn’t inspire or delight me the way cooking did. Moved around the car industry from mechanic, to sales, customer service, didn’t matter where I was, there was something missing. A giant hole in my heart where only being in the kitchen could fill.

After years in the business, a dealer I was at decided my numbers werent good  enough, sales were down, and it was most likely I would be let go unless I wanted to go back to being a technician. It’s at that very moment I knew this was the universe’s way of whispering in my ear….”do it.” So I did. Left it all, the comfort zone, the meager pay, and what I’ve known for almost 7 years. I took a dishwashing job at a country club and shadow the chefs every move to even pick up the most minute of technique.

Now as I sit in a class full of dreamers, I look down at my chef whites and my heart skips a bit. This is it Johnny boy, you’re on your way. I have absolutely no idea what will happen. I could be a master chef, Heck, I could be homeless haha, only time will tell. No matter what happens, I dared to chase a dream, and not a single being on earth can take that away from me.

Follow along, join me in my moments of masterpiece, and my trips slips and falls. Regardless it should be quite an experience for the both of us. -Johnny



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  1. sheilamcdonaldblog says:


    Excellent summary of the beginning of your culinary journey. Keep up the good work! I look forward to reading more of your posts.

    Chef Alan


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